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Chick Cam

If things are working properly, the image below will refresh every 5 seconds or so with updated baby chick action. Don’t be alarmed, if the chicks aren’t moving they’re asleep or my fancy PowerShell script that updates the image quit working – IT Department

If you’re using Firefox, you can try to watch video with this link, username is visitor, there is no password.  If you’re using IE, you’re out of luck.

Do You Hear What I Hear?

The FM transmitter Greg bought last week was crap, and we needed one that worked well, else nobody would be able to understand why we had seizure-inducing flashes going in front of our house.  And while this is, after all, Jefferson County, we can’t exactly erect loudspeakers or tap into the tornado sirens to broadcast our music.

So Greg went and bought a kit from a local electronics store, and then did this to the kitchen table:


The crayons and cars?  Also his.


Anyway, after many hours of soldering, admonishing Ethan to stay back from the iron, and cross words between us about measuring voltage across a resistor, we had something like this:




Just as I knew it would, despite Greg’s self-doubt. He’s brilliant, and I had faith in his abilities.

And now, after putting out a sign and a spotlight giving passersby the correct frequency, we have people stopping in front of our house all night long.  Nice, eh?

Because When We Do Something, We Really Overdo It.

So Greg’s had this light controller for a couple of years now but we haven’t really used it to its full advantage.

"This year," I said, "THIS year we’re gonna use it, even if we have to put our lights up in October." I was very insistent because last year we didn’t put up any lights AT ALL, and what kind of loser technophiles don’t put up any lights AT ALL?

So because I’m The Boss, we put up lights. Lots of them.

People have been driving by slowly for days, and the delivery men have to jump over myriads of extension cords. We’ll probably cause a wreck or something and get sued.

It wouldn’t do justice to the effort if you couldn’t see what our home looks like during the day, so I have taken photos so you can see just exactly the kind of excess we’re dealing with, here:

big junction cords1

cords2 whole house


Disclaimer: The video you are about to see is not of the best quality — we need to enlist John for that — but Greg is all antsy to get this posted and he says it’s cold outside and he’d have to stand in the neighbor’s yard and people keep driving by and we have to put it up AS SOON AS POSSIBLE before he explodes, despite the burnt-out bulbs that need to be replaced and the focusing issues.  We discussed this at length and I decided I wouldn’t make him go out and record it again. So, gentle readers, I am not at fault for video quality complaints.

I did, however, encode the lights.  So if you don’t like the presentation, THAT is my fault. 


Carol of the Bells:


Blue Christmas (my favorite):


Coming out of the closet, er, bunker.

<Begin Nerdy Content>

I apologize for the boneblog outage yesterday, seems power and internet here at the house have been getting worse and worse.  As a result, I convinced my employer to move all of the servers and various network junk out of my "bunker" and into a colocation downtown.

Originally I had intended to make this a tediously planned move so the only outage would be me packing things into the car and moving them.  Mother Nature and Ameren had different ideas.  Our power went out about 9:30 Wednesday night and when it still wasn’t back up Thursday morning I decided to give up and move everything sooner.  After the latest power outage and a failing UPS left several servers in less than stellar condition The Boneblog was a little low on the priority list.  I don’t have a picture of the setup at the datacenter but trust me, it looks like something recently moved from Jefferson County.  The Boneblog’s current home is on a pretty nice Poweredge 2900 that is stacked precariously on top of two not quite so nice white box severs from 5 – 6 years ago, none of which were ever intended to go in a datacenter rack.  Oh well, at any rate it is a move up and all should be well.

</End Nerdy Content>


We have images…

Images on old blog posts should be back.  Not perfect yet as the thumbnails are just shrunk rather than resized, but at least there are images..  Wanna see how?  Not the prettiest thing in the world, but it’s my first Graffiti Plug-in from scratch.