About Us

We’re a family of four living in St. Louis, Missouri. My husband, Greg, works in IT; I stay home with the kids and homeschool our children (we are liberal, secular homeschoolers).

Laurel is 14 for another month or so, and Ethan is 8.

And then we have our beloved Great Danes, Zeus and Athena.

This blog is a chronicle of our lives – homeschooling, gardening, traveling, et cetera. I love the unconventional, I question authority (and oftentimes run right up against it), I don’t toe the line for anybody at all. So, uh, welcome! Truthfully – I promise – I’m a really nice and considerate person until I’m given reason to be otherwise.

I guess you could say we are doing our best to live A Guerrilla Life, and having a hell of a time doing it.

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