My Big One-Upper of the Week.

I have two Crock Pots, bitches.


We’ll leave out the fact that I have two because one was in a trash bag for dust protection in the basement. I gave my typical perfunctory ¬†look around for said Crock Pot and decided there was none, so I spent another Andrew Jackson (plus tax – and NO SHAME, I had to ask Greg which guy was on the $20 and yes, I homeschool my kids. It was a total brain fart and if you were to be honest you don’t know either AND goddammit, I didn’t have a twenty in my wallet¬†at the time or I NEVER woulda asked or confessed NONE OF THIS).

Anyway. So yeah, the Crock Pot was like $19.99 at Target (minus 5% off for the RedCard and I may or may not have pulled a Cartwheel jack move ’cause we’re gangsta. Okay?).

So now I’m thinking I have GOT to be cooking in the Crock Pot(s) for, like, a whole week ahead of time, you know? I’mma be throwin’ it down. “Oh, you’ve got to leave this awesome super duper creek fun time play to go and cook dinner? MY dinner is already back at the homestead, yo. In fact, I made dinner COSTCO-STYLE in quantity, so what? Thug what?”

But so yeah. That’s my big one-upper of the week. I have two Crock Pots. W00t!

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