Here We Go.

It has been nearly two years since last I kept a blog.

I’m not entirely sure I still remember how to do it.

I’m not even sure I still WANT to do it.

The last two years have brought hosts of changes – we began homeschooling our children; we lost pets; we got new pets; we bought a house; we bought a trailer; we went on cross-country trips we never documented as in the past.

I’m pretty aggravated about that, because my kids…well, at least Laurel…love to read the blog. Now that Ethan is a good reader, he will want to do it, too.

This is the chronicle of our lives. It’s for personal consumption. We don’t need an audience, though there is nothing secret about it.

But I felt like something was missing. When I have a terrible day and write, I work to find the humor in it and I feel better thereafter.


Here We Go.

3 thoughts on “Here We Go.

  1. Russ Weiss

    Good luck, Michelle. BTW, when you’re finished with the books I gave you, pass them on, donate to the library, whatever you want to do is fine with me. Let others enjoy them!


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