So, this week in home school Ethan has been learning about the layers that make up the Earth and their properties (solid, liquid, their makeup, depth, etc.). It only seemed natural to extend that into a study of volcanoes – particularly Mount Vesuvius and Mount St. Helens. The former because, naturally, it is famous for burying Pompeii, and the latter because there is plenty of video footage to drive it home. Plus, let’s face it: It is always easier to identify with more recent happenings.

That, of course, led to the classic baking-soda-and-vinegar volcano. Ethan made the base of my leftover fondant, which is why it’s white. We decided it is snow-capped. I used food coloring to color up the vinegar. He watched carefully as I made preparations because according to him, “I want to see how you do it so I can do it with my kids someday…maybe…if I have kids…I dunno.”

And his reaction is just as classic as the experiment: