O Christmas Tree, Take 2.

Well, folks, something happened on the way to Christmas. Our tree shed its drawers, so to speak. The entire bottom half ended up bald. Observe:

needle drop

And…a close up:

needle drop close-up

Nobody knows for sure why this happened to us this year, but I hear we’re not the only ones who experienced it. We have always had great luck with the trees we cut from the tree farm. This year was just an off year, I suppose. Probably had something to do with the drought.

Well, we knew the situation was not going to improve, so we were left with no alternative but to go on a quest for another tree. Greg yanked the old tree out of its stand and threw it off the deck.

Yes, that is what we do with our old trees. Then they sit there for a week or two until I send the kids down to drag ‘em into the woods. Okay. Maybe it’s longer than a week or two.

Anyway, this seemed like a good opportunity to participate in a St. Louis tradition – trees and concretes from Ted Drewes. I, for one, absolutely love their Great Pumpkin. Who can resist a slice of pumpkin pie all mixed up with frozen custard and topped with whipped cream?

So anyway, let me tell you folks, Ted Drewes is mighty proud of the trees on his lot. I wanted an inexpensive replacement because, hi, we’d already paid $40 for the first one.

We hemmed and hawed and searched through all the rows…many times…until we finally just gave the decision wholly to the kids.

I think they picked a nice tree.

And we paid another $40.


But after all, it’s Christmas, and we have to have a tree.

Here it is:

tree take 2

And, just because we have never grown up, you see the two red balls hanging off the left side? With one hanging lower than the other?

Those are Tree Nutz.

You’re welcome.