Vocal Vinnie.

Some of you are aware I’ve been taking a beginning fiddle class. Some of you have heard my complaints that our dog Vinnie howls his way through every single one of my practices. So yeah, I don’t practice very often.

But still.

I have tried to play and record this phenomenon over the weeks without much luck. Either he wouldn’t howl while I was recording or the phone wouldn’t be set up, or the atrocious quality of my music would keep me from posting it anywhere.

But today, friends, today I got it! My fiddle teacher sent several samples of the music we are trying to learn, and while playing one of those I got a good example for you.

And so. For your listening pleasure:

This could mean he loves it. It could mean he hates it. Who can tell? But I’m going to assume he loves it because if he hated it he could leave via his dog door.