Et Tu, Mandolin?

We went to a Folk and Roots music festival Saturday night with some friends. At the festival, Laurel cornered the mandolin player from Big Smith and started grilling him about his instrument. He was gracious enough to let her give it a try.

We knew nothing about this. Laurel is old enough that in that sort of small venue we pretty well let her have the run of the place so she can do what she likes.

The next day the Fiddlers were set to perform at Lewis and Clark Heritage Days in St. Charles. They do this every year, and as part of the performance they get to jam with the Peacocks (they get to do this in December, too, at the Old Courthouse in St. Louis). Well, they too have a mandolin player, who also allowed to let Laurel give it a shot.

Here was the result. Yes, it is true, I didn’t get the video from the beginning because I simply had no idea what was about to happen. This is the first time she ever played with anybody, and how awesome was it that the Peacocks, upon hearing her hit a few notes of Ashokan Farewell, picked it up and started playing with her?

She tells me that mandolin and violin have the same string tuning and fingerings only the mandolin has frets. There are some techniques specific to mandolin that she needs to learn, but she did an awesome job!

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