Spring Scenes

This Spring has been unnaturally warm, and followed an unnaturally warm Winter.

A few days ago I went out on one of the most beautiful days of the year and started snapping photos.

Here is what I found:


Ethan takes forever to get the eggs, but that’s his chore every evening. I think he’s a pretty lucky kid, getting to collect eggs like that. The fact he has chickens makes him pretty popular at school. He even found a love letter in his backpack.

back yardbouncing up the steps with eggs

Our hoop house is doing so well that my bolting spinach (on the right in this photograph) spurred some neighbors or other overly zealous goody two-shoes to call the local narcotics hotline on me. Needless to say, I spent an entertaining Wednesday afternoon convincing several of the local officers that I in fact was not in possession of any bubbling meth labs. On the upside, I got to give the lovely lady and gentlemen a tour of my greenhouse and seedling room.

April garden, complete with bolted spinach

As of today, I have retrieved approximately 1.5 quarts of strawberries from our garden. Indeed, they are of the Earliglow variety, but this is early even for them:

April strawberries

Even the blackberries look more June than May, with red berries coming along nicely.

I'm gonna be a berry somneday

The sage is in full bloom:


And the chickens are basking in the warmth:

the flock

But other than being able to feed myself, I am very proud of our perennial bed. Last year I sort of gave up on annuals, figuring I’d rather spend lots of money once than spend lots of money every year. We planted this perennial bed and the hydrangeas, both of which have enjoyed a glorious spring. While much of the perennial bed is beginning to drop its blooms, the hydrangeas are just beginning.

bleeding heartshostas and stuffhydrangeasperennial bedpretty pretty

We’re just so fortunate. Happy Spring, everybody!