One Egg, Two Egg, Big Egg, Little Egg.

I don’t know what these chickens are trying to pull.

A couple of weeks ago we gathered a giant blue egg from the coop.

Now, back when the girls first started to lay we would often get double-yolked eggs as their reproductive systems got going full throttle, but that hadn’t happened in some time. We put the egg away and forgot about it for several days, until I determined an egg sandwich would make the perfect lunch.

Oh, how I wish – looking back – that I’d taken a photo of the egg before cracking it, but this will just have to do:

big yolk

That yolk is nearly 1.75” across.

big yolk measurement

That’s a big friggin’ yolk. I have to wonder what kind of hulking chicken we’d have ended up with if Clyde were still around and this pup were fertilized.

Shortly thereafter, we collected a tiny egg from the coop. This egg, in fact, is the smallest egg we have ever collected from the girls. Here is a photo of it next to a regular-sized egg, for comparison:

little egg

We haven’t popped that one open yet – I’m interested to know just what’s going on inside.

So as I said, I don’t know what these chickens are trying to pull, but I think this one is probably the ringleader, seeing as how she doesn’t like to follow fencing rules:


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