More Strawberries? Yes, Please!

Last year we planted 25 strawberry plants and dutifully picked the blossoms off and trained the runners. About 20 of those plants made it through the winter. I probably would have had more success if the dog didn’t view them as his personal outhouse or if they were in a better location. As it is, they’re planted in some pretty awful clay soil, so it’s a wonder I had 80% success. They’re chock full of blooms and baby strawberries, so I’m expecting a decent crop.

And I dearly love strawberries.

So when Greg told me that his coworker had some extra plants and was offering them to us, I was all about it.

Of course, we really didn’t have the space for a few more (36) plants, so that led to us spending our Sunday thusly:

new strawberry bed

strawberry bed 2

In fact, this bed is bigger than what we really need for those plants, but it was the size most convenient to build, and I am certain I will find something to go there – probably tomatoes.


It was really hot today for this time of year – 89 degrees – and we are definitely not acclimated to the weather. After making a trip to St. Louis Composting for the garden mix, and assuring the fellow behind the counter that yes, yes, we were indeed aware of the payload capacity of our truck and that yes, we could haul it, we were on our way.

But DANG, it was hot.

I think I drank more water today than I ever do in a normal day, even if I work out for an hour. Greg shoveled all of it out of the truck and I spread it through the beds. It was definitely hard work, so tonight we’ve rewarded ourselves handsomely with Mexican food and margaritas.

Folks, this is the good life.

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