Biking the Katy, with Capital Letters Supporting the Important Stuff.

Last weekend our family decided to have a Good Day.

Good Days, by the way, are the kind that you remember in large part because there is an absence of bickering. And an absence of bickering is an unusual treat.

Ethan recently became the proud owner of a Very Expensive Bike. This came about in large part because he’s run through several cheap bikes and he really desperately wanted gears.

We knew he could handle gears.

Department store bike manufacturers, however, don’t know this and they don’t really plan for it. Ethan needs a smallish bike, being smallish in stature himself.

There was nothing for it but to go to a Real Bike Shop.

Real Bike Shops, for the uninitiated,  are bike shops which carry Very Expensive Bikes.

But they have smallish bikes with gears, and we have a boy who rode without training wheels at 3, so there you have it.

new bike

Naturally, we had to go and test this new machine, so off we went to a trail where we rode about 5 miles and then did this:

ice cream

That was all well good and fine, but it didn’t manage to test the bike over the long haul. So on Sunday of last weekend we loaded up and drove an hour to the Katy Trail, whereupon we traveled 11 miles to the Augusta Brewery.


Well, I should say 3/4 of us traveled 11 miles. One of us traveled closer to 18 miles. That’s Greg, who traveled all the way back to the truck to get the bike lock I had forgotten (and didn’t really think was necessary but was too afraid to really mention it because sure enough if I did, the bikes would all have gotten stolen).

While he was gone, the rest of us took it slow, stopped often to marvel at the scenery, and generally putzed around waiting for him.

Her phone didn't work there, don't remember why she's holding it

We arrived at the brewery, hungry and thirsty, placed our order, and had a mediocre meal with some pretty good beer (and root beer for those under 21).

too cool

even too cooler

There was no arguing or bickering; the weather was perfect; the ride was fun. Every once in a while we have a day like this when everyone just gets along and enjoys being a family.

I imagine Greg’s tired of listening to me go on and on about how fun that day was, but…

…it really was.

Really Fun.

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  1. Michelle

    Hey, Madie! We don’t put our e-mail addresses online here because it’s public, but your parents have both of them (I think). Does that help?

  2. Laurel

    I was holding my phone because I was taking a picture. Remember? That beaver dam.


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