Outside. Outside!

Greg was gone on a business trip to New Hampshire this week. When he’s gone I get antsy and try to kill time, and when I get antsy, I get overly ambitious and take on a series of Herculean tasks, which wouldn’t be so Herculean on their own, but when performed in rapid succession it’s a whole ‘nother story.

On Tuesday morning I started with plucking weeds from the garden. Then I pulled a full pound of salad greens and another 1/4 pound of asparagus from the beds, checked on the chickens and strawerries, and checked my tomato seedlings to see if they’re coming out of whatever it is they’ve got.

That didn’t kill enough time, though, so I cleaned out and mulched the perennial bed and mowed and trimmed the yard.

perennial bedbleeding hearts

Yesterday I swore I was just going to relax for the day and watch a movie or something, right after I mulched the rest of the flower beds in the front yard.

But as we know, one thing sometimes leads to another. I have long hated the way that bed looked. The mulch was always in the grass, there was no good edge between the bed and the yard, and I was just sick of looking at it. So…

I did this:

landscape edgers

Consequently, today I am feeling muscles I had forgotten I had. I guess two days of antsy-driven hard labor will do that.

But now I can stand to look at the front of the house, and oh! The hydrangeas are budding!