The Great Eagle Escapade 2012!

A couple of weekends ago we went searching for the eagles who arrive in our area each year as part of their migration.

Okay, so it wasn’t as exciting as the title of the post would suggest, but we started our day with…


Henceforth, I will always do that. In capital letters with lots of exclamation points. Because, you know, they are DONUTS!!!!!!!!! And DONUTS!!!!!!!! make me feel just that way.


So the prospect of DONUTS!!!!!! and the coffee got us all rarin’ to go for the long drive up to Alton for our almost-but-not-quite-annual jaunt to see the eagles.

Before we began our search in earnest, we stopped off at Confluence State Park. None of us had been there, and it was honestly pretty cool. They have built a walkway down right to the very confluence, with interpretive stops along the way. Observe:

Missouri side

Mississippi side

And then, ta-DA! The confluence point itself, which has clearly spent much of its life underwater.


Having received our fill of the confluence (and DONUTS!!!!!), we moved along to our usual eagle-watching stomping ground, where we saw this gorgeous pair of birds:


But alas, those were all we were going to see that day. We drove up the River Road as far as Elsah, but had no more luck. Perhaps if we’d waited a little longer in the season or if the winter hadn’t been quite so mild, we’d have seen more.

We consoled ourselves with the knowledge that although we failed in our eagling quest, we saw the confluence, which ranks right up there in majesty. We enjoyed a nice drive on a pretty warm (if overcast) day, and we got our fill of…

…wait for it…


Sounds like a winner to me.