Every Season is Garden Season!

Especially when you get your seed order in early:


Okay, I know what you’re thinking. “That’s a pretty paltry pile of plant particles.”

You’d be right.

But that is just this year’s order. I have a lot of seed from last year that I’m pretty sure will still be viable this year, including the spinach I’ve been growing all winter – the very spinach that is still going gangbusters down in the hoop house, 15-degree temperatures be damned.

And so, just for giggles and because I’m putting off showering, I’ve put together a collage of those seeds from last year most likely to make a repeat appearance:


All of these (except the moon flowers, marigolds, and love-in-a-mist) are going to be taking up residence either in used yogurt cups to start seedlings, or directly in the hoop house within the next 4 months or so.

Come on, Spring!

Side note: The seed company always sends a free gift to me with my order. This time it was the love-in-a-mist. According to Wikipedia, this flower is ‘found on neglected, damp patches of land.’ They sure sent it to the right place!