The plastic arrived
and we got in gear
on one of the windiest
days of the year.

We set to a-cursin’,
a-pullin’, eye-rollin’,
And then Greg observed
that there were some holes in

the plastic, “Oh no!”
(he wasn’t that calm.
He reminded me of
a nuke-u-lar bomb)

I eyed up the holes,
so worried, but – BUT —
most holes were right where
we were going to cut.

We set back to work
spirits lifted, but then,
then came that awful,
that garrulous wind!

It mocked us and stalked us,
It blew without fail!
It transformed that plastic
into a big sail.

We pulled and we tugged,
while that film ran amok!
We fastened, and found we
were in luck—it STUCK.

And that, my dear friends,
was what brought back our cheer
on one of the windiest
days of the year.


Almost-finished product:

hoophouse with plastic

We’re going to do some tucking under of the plastic, some insulating around the bottom of the outsides as needed, make some minor adjustments to the doors, and we should be good to go for the winter. The good news with all that wind is that we found out we’ve got a pretty sturdy structure.

Yesterday morning when it was about 65 degrees, it hit 100 degrees inside the hoop house and I scrambled down to prop the doors open to get more airflow. I don’t think we’re going to have much trouble keeping it warm. We didn’t get the shipment of plastic in time to save my peppers from last week’s freeze, as you can see below, but I should have fall crops for some time. I’ll have to keep it from getting back to 100 or they will suffer. Bother, bother. The broccoli and brussels sprouts are still going strong, along with turnips, lettuce, spinach, and kohlrabi. The rosemary looks great, too.

hoop house insides

Ethan calls it the ‘coop house’ instead of ‘hoop house,’ which is pretty astute considering its future use as a winter home for the chickens. As for the girls (and Clyde), they seem eager to try it out:

chickens waiting for winter vacation

And naturally, what would this household be without a wireless thermometer and hygrometer to keep track of conditions in the hoop house from the warmth of our abode?


Let the good times roll!