Everyone Loves a Parade.

For years now, I’ve wanted to attend the St. Louis Thanksgiving Day Parade, but either the weather was awful or we were cooking for a noon meal or things just didn’t work out. I didn’t think we were going to go this year, either. However, the week before Thanksgiving, we missed a tree lighting ceremony and fireworks (along with many other families) because the published time was a half-hour later than the time the organization actually performed the ceremony. As is my way, I complained, and when I complained I went straight to the top, firing off an e-mail directly to the organization’s chairman, who graciously offered us VIP admission for the Thanksgiving parade to make up for our huge disappointment the week before.

We couldn’t pass it up.

We were treated to a continental breakfast in the Old Courthouse, followed by preferred seating on the parade route right where the local TV station was filming – which meant we got to hear all the bands play!

So thank you, Christmas in St. Louis, for taking a very unfortunate and disheartening situation and turning it around for us. Kudos to you and organizations like yours who really walk the walk when you try to make people happy.

Here are the photos – there are many of them. Many:

waiting02-Here it comes03-Garfield04-All Smiles05-Louie the Lightning Bug06-Rocky Squirrel07-Bagpipes08-Cow Jumped Over the Arch09-Tractors10-Giant Schnucks Cart11-Train12-Shriners13-Lobbying for Candy14-Rudolph15-Big Trucks16-Park Service, I think17-I have no idea18-More Shriners19-Frosty20-Salvation Army Band21-Fire Truck Brigade22-The Christmas Story  Lamp!23-Nutcracker24-USO25-TV Cue Card Guy doing his thing26-Skating Santa27-Still more Shriners28-Santa29-Santa Close-Up