A Little Halloween followed by Lots of Da Vinci.

Okay, let’s get in the time machine and go back to October 31. You know, Halloween.

Halloween this year was a pretty uneventful affair. Greg reprised his Uncle Fester role, I threw together a simply awful Morticia Addams with a cheap wig from Walmart that I found on the morning of Halloween. Ethan was the Grim Reaper, and Laurel, well…

…she played the part of Surly Teenager. She chose a month beforehand not to wear a costume or trick-or-treat, and was angry because we wouldn’t let her change her mind at the last minute and we wouldn’t let her stay home alone on Halloween.

It’s hard being almost a teenager.

So she refused to pose for our annual Halloween photo.


Oh, well.

The following weekend we went to see an exhibit downtown about Leonardo Da Vinci’s machines. It had information about his art and life too, but the main focus was his scientific work. We spent a lot of time down there exploring and touring and making nuisances of ourselves. Laurel built a model replica of a moveable bridge, and Ethan made a paper parachute. I had spent a good week reading to Ethan about Da Vinci’s life, and he thought it was super-awesome to hear the tour guide saying stuff he already knew.  I learned, too – I learned Leonardo designed the bicycle with a chain drive before we had the technology to make a chain. Talk about a man ahead of his time.

Anyway, here are the photos:

bike - before we could have chainsgearsimprovements on archimedes screwjackperpetual motionworm screwdrawingsbuilding a paper parachutemore parachute buildingworking on a portable bridge