The purlins are painted,
the ground posts are in,
we have to buy plastic,
and then work again.

Farewell to our weekend!
we even skipped lunch
to build up this hoop house.
It cost us a bunch.

But lo, the next year
will carry such bounty
they’ll be talking about it
in Washington county.

But ‘tween now and then,
I’ll tend to the kale,
harvest broccoli and turnips
on such a large scale

I’ll have to leave some
for the hens and for Clyde,
who, after our harvest,
will hunker inside,

for the winter wind blows
mighty cold through their coop.
(It’d be wrong to offer them
warm chicken soup.)

As for this project,
we’ll party when done,
for no matter how simple
it seems when begun,

one finds soon enough
the work’s NO LONGER FUN.

phase one - hoops up, doors framed, purlins in, painted

4 thoughts on “Framed!

  1. James

    Oh my! I am green with envy! How very nice! And that broccoli looks healthy, mmmm,mmm! And lordy how I miss the Missouri Fall colors..Have a great day

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