Now That’s a Potato.

Today as I was walking past the garden I stopped to check in on our sweet potatoes. My vines have fallen victim to deer in the last couple of weeks, and I’ve been keeping a close eye on them just in case they start to die off. You can see how they’ve overtaken our garden, and how the deer have been sneaking bites at the far end of the bed:

pole beans that didn't produce shit and sweet potatoes

As I inspected the plants, I noticed a real, live sweet potato sticking out of the soil. After some deliberation I decided I had better just go ahead and pull it. Little did I know how much digging it would entail. I rooted around with my hands until I determined there was no chance of bringing it up that way without destroying it. As usual, I had no luck finding my trowel so I resorted to a shovel. In retrospect that is probably a good thing. I’d still be out there otherwise.

sweet tater

This potato is going to feed all four of us tonight. I don’t remember how much I paid for the 12 little sweet potato slips I ordered last spring, but if the rest of the crop is anything akin to this tuber, I’ve no doubt we’ll make up the cost and then some.