Laurel’s First Day of School, 2011-2012.

We just shipped Laurel and her new mouthful of braces off to school.

Yes, you read that right. Yesterday  morning, bright and early, she sat in the orthodontist’s chair and started her second batch of braces. This time she has a whole lot more of them, so the pain is multiplied of course. She was gumming a banana for breakfast this morning, and I think her lunch consists of a PB&J sandwich, cantaloupe, and yogurt. Nice, soft foods.

But the show must go on, so we doped her up on ibuprofen and away she went. She has high school classes this morning, followed by middle school courses later in the day. Her first experience will be sitting in the commons, at barely 12 years old, witnessing the train wreck involving the first day at the high school with kids much older and much taller.

It’s a good thing Greg and I aren’t “sheltering” parents.

If she were any other kid, we might worry.

Happy first day of school, Laurel!

Laurel's first day of school

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middle school first day

The times, they are a-changin’.

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