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First Day of Kindergarten.

He’s all ready.

Ethan first day of school

He can tell you exactly how to get to his classroom (“you go in the doors, then right, then right again, then left, then the first door on the left”).

He can tell you he’s not supposed to have his frog moved from the green to the yellow (5 minutes off recess), the orange (10 minutes off recess) or – heaven forbid – the red (no recess at all!).

He can tell you how agonizing it was to wait for today after watching Laurel get to go to school yesterday.

He can talk about how he was ready to go nearly an hour ahead of time and couldn’t finish his breakfast because of his excitement.

He can climb the oversized steps up into the bus and find a seat, if a little uncertainly.

Onto the bus

onto the bus 2

seated and ready to go

But what he cannot do is keep me from crying about all of it. I held it together until after we’d waved the bus gone, but then the dam burst.

Happy first day of Kindergarten, Ethan. Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll collect myself by the time I arrive to pick you up from the bus stop this afternoon, and I can’t wait to hear all about your day.

I love you. So does Daddy (who – just between us – I think might also be a little emotional about all this).

Laurel’s First Day of School, 2011-2012.

We just shipped Laurel and her new mouthful of braces off to school.

Yes, you read that right. Yesterday  morning, bright and early, she sat in the orthodontist’s chair and started her second batch of braces. This time she has a whole lot more of them, so the pain is multiplied of course. She was gumming a banana for breakfast this morning, and I think her lunch consists of a PB&J sandwich, cantaloupe, and yogurt. Nice, soft foods.

But the show must go on, so we doped her up on ibuprofen and away she went. She has high school classes this morning, followed by middle school courses later in the day. Her first experience will be sitting in the commons, at barely 12 years old, witnessing the train wreck involving the first day at the high school with kids much older and much taller.

It’s a good thing Greg and I aren’t “sheltering” parents.

If she were any other kid, we might worry.

Happy first day of school, Laurel!

Laurel's first day of school

Just for fun, here are previous first-day-of-school photos.






Laurel's first day as a fifth grader


middle school first day

The times, they are a-changin’.

Happy 12th Birthday to Laurel (almost one week later)!

Okay, let’s be real, her birthday was last Sunday when we were on our way back home from JBA. But! The celebrations, they haven’t stopped. We took her to dinner last week, she had a friend over last night for a pizza-slash-slumber party, and tomorrow we have Greg’s family over for lots of smoked meat.

So see, we’ve just been so busy celebrating we haven’t had a chance to blog about it.

But Laurel, busy or not, we love you and we’re really REALLY proud of you. You’ve grown a lot in the last year and we look forward to seeing the growth you gain this year, too. I’m sure it will be a lot.

Don’t think you’ll get out of cleaning your room, though!

Happy birthday, kid. We love you crazy.