The Great Colorado-Utah Vacation 2011, Day Twelve.

MOAB, UTAH – Dude. This day was so awesome in so many ways.

We awoke bright and early and took off in the Jeep determined to try a trail rated ‘difficult.’ First, though, at my insistence, we stopped by some petroglyphs.

01 - petroglyphs02 - petroglyphs

Those were really easy to see, considering they were right next to Potash Road. But then we (ad)ventured on down to see these dinosaur tracks:

03 - dinosaur tracks

Those too were have been easily found, but for the fact that in the rush to get out the camper door this morning, I completely forgot to change from my flip flops into my sneakers. I really wanted a close-up photo like you see above. So, undaunted by my lack of proper footwear, I climbed over the slickrock and through the cacti anyway, much to Greg’s chagrin. Those of you familiar with this blog are likely to suspect, as I did, that he was just waiting to have to carry me out with a sprained or broken appendage. But I made it! I credit our previous Fiery Furnace experience for my good fortune. We totally rocked the FF.

We didn’t linger long, seeing as how we wanted to get up to Fins & Things (that difficult trail I mentioned) as soon as possible. So that’s what we did…after filling ourselves with a barbecue luncheon at the Blu Pig. That was not the best idea – the restaurant was fine, no problems there, it was just following a full belly with F&T. Well, I mean, the restaurant did have an appetizer called The Big Nasty which we just had to have. So there you go. Here are a few photos, followed by video. None of which do it justice. Seriously.

04 - just off a very steep hill on Fins & Things05 - more crazy steepness on F&T06 - dinosaur rock formation along F&T07 - going up

Talk about foreign terrain. This is a hell of a way to see the desert, folks. It sure is beautiful, though.

So naturally, Ethan wants to know when we’re buying a Jeep. Greg may or may not admit it if you ask, but I’m pretty sure if you check his browser history here or there you might find he’s been visiting Craigslist looking at Jeeps. It’s kinda like porn but it doesn’t get caught in the web filtering.


Admittedly, it’s hard to top that whole Jeeping thing. However, we had big plans in store. By the time we got back to camp it was but a short wait before our good friends Brian and Erin showed up. They live in Seattle, and we’ve had the good fortune to meet up with them ‘abroad’ twice now.

We had a great time. Good food, good drink, and particularly good companionship. I wish we had more than one night to visit. We really must do this more often!

And so I say that as much fun as we had running Fins & Things, this photo tops it all:

09 - great friends and great times

Eventually the night had to end – in fact, I gave it up earlier than the others. Let’s say it might have had something to do with filling myself chock full of BBQ for lunch plus running over Fins & Things for hours. Ugh. And then some beer.

I slept well that night.

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  1. Debra

    HOLY CRAP!!! I have totally been out of touch w/the blog! You two are the best freakin’ parents EVER!! Can I be your kid, too?!! LOL!! You are making such wonderful memories for your kids. Hats off to you and Greg….incredible parents! I’m going to have to wait to get home to read the Colorado-Utah vacation entries…there’s a lot to read and I don’t want to miss a thing! (Whip cracking!) Time to get back to work! Have a great vacation and I’ll see you in the blog!!

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