The Great Colorado-Utah Vacation 2011, Day Ten.

MOAB, UTAH – We packed up bright and early this morning to hit the road for Moab.

We left so early, in fact, we didn’t bother to make coffee ourselves, but rather chose to buy it from Durango Joe’s, which I thought was just outrageous, seeing as how Greg and his coworkers are/were frequenters of Amigo Joe’s in St. Louis.

durango joe's

As I understand it, Amigo Joe’s is most assuredly not a coffee joint, but it’s the second interesting coincidence of the trip, the first being that postcards we purchased back in Ouray were photographed by someone who shares our last name. Our last name, for those of you not in the know, is not a common one. At all.

Along the way we stopped at Mesa Verde. I have wanted to go there for years so to my credit I only had a mini-meltdown when the kids didn’t meet my behavior expectations. Well, I suppose that depends on who you ask. Greg and the kids might disagree about the degree of my explosion.

But damn it all, this was on Father’s Day and they were really pissing me off.

02 - mesa verde03 - prickly pear03 - spruce tree house04 0 spruce tree house05 - family inside kiva at spruce tree house06 - climbing out of the kiva07 - soot at spruce tree house08 - grinding stones, spruce tree house09 - pit house10 -camo lizard11 - square tower house, i believe it's called12 - square tower house13 - sun temple14 - sun temple15 - gutter, maybe16 - family at cliff palace17 - cliff palace

By the time we were finished with the sightseeing we were in the mood for some Navajo tacos. What are they, you might ask? They’re basically pizza dough with chili, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and sour cream on top. Not the greatest in the world, but not bad either, when you’re hungry.

18 - navajo taco

However, after Greg and I each put one of those away, the belches made the truck some pretty close quarters.

Soon we were in windy and cold Utah. When we took this photo it was windy (obviously, based on my struggle) and about 62 degrees.

19 - entering Utah, so windy

The scenery changed dramatically around every bend.

20 - first crazy rock20 - fog enveloping mountain20 - Utah

We gave Moab Brewery a try, and it was a near disaster. Yes, we found a beer we liked, but they were out (out!) of several we wanted to try. They were out of so many things and the food was so mediocre that by the time the server forgot Greg’s roll with his meal, I’d had it. I asked her, “Doesn’t his meal come with bread, or are you out of THAT, too?!” Seriously, it’s one thing to run out of something, but when you do, take it off the chalkboard. Take it off the table tent thingies.

Good grief.

But we salvaged the outing with ice cream from the local convenience store.
The Brewery had gelato, but we were damned if we were going to give those incompetents any more of our money.

Now we’re here in Moab where it is a beautiful and not-very-desert-in-June-ish 58 degrees. And it’s been raining. Yes, leave it to us to bring rain to the desert. It has its positive side, though. I think they are forecasting a high of only 81 when we’re hiking around Arches, so that should be pretty great.


From here on out, our internet service will get sketchy if not completely nonexistent, so don’t expect frequent updates. In fact, we might not even have service until we get back home. That’s what vacation is about I guess.

And by the way, for those of you who noticed the Parenthesis Problem in the first paragraph of the Father’s Day post, I can’t fix it. The blog hiccupped and I can’t retrieve the post to correct it. You win some, you lose some, but I couldn’t let it go without mentioning it. Imagine that.