For a Good Cause.

This weekend my family will be running a 5K.

Well, I will be running. I think everyone else has elected to walk. I probably should too, but I’m just too hard-headed.

This will be the first 5K I have completed since the Infamous Hip Sprain of 2010. In addition, I only first decided I should start training about, oh, 3.5 weeks ago. Yeah, sure, I’ve been logging big mileage on the elliptical trainer, but that’s nothing like road miles. The first day I ran road miles I could barely haul myself into the truck.

The next day was worse, and that lasted about a week.

My hip wasn’t liking the strain I put her through and neither was the rest of me. But the hip was the worst.

I didn’t give up. Maybe I would have in other circumstances, but not these. This is an especially meaningful 5K because it benefits the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.

Multiple Myeloma killed Grandma Smith.

The other day I told Greg that no matter what pain it caused me, Grandma Smith had suffered far worse, and I was going to run this damn thing come hell or high water.

I will, that is, if I can get through the entire thing without breaking into tears. If I reminisce too much I’ll have a big lump in my throat making it hard to breathe, and running while that’s going on is not easy.

I know I’m going to be slow, much slower than my pace before the hip thing. That’s okay, I’m not running this to be competitive. Not this time.

So wish us luck, if you will. We’re doing this in memory of a lovely, classy lady – which is a very good cause in and of itself.

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  1. Anita

    Good luck to all of you! Running a 5K for a cause that’s important to you is the best kind.

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