Tornadoes at the Science Center.

A few months ago Ethan and I watched “Tornado Intercept” by National Geographic. Ethan was fascinated, not only with the tornadoes but with Sean Casey’s homemade Tornado Intercept Vehicle, which looks like a cross between a tank and the DeLorean from “Back to the Future.” At the time, Mr. Casey was trying to film the moment of impact so he could make a film about it.

Storm chasers are an interesting group, and I think once upon a time Greg and I encountered another storm chaser’s vehicle. I can imagine it would be funscaryexcitingadventurous. 

Well, it took him eight years (I think) but he finally managed it. The Omnimax at the Science Center was showing “Tornado Alley,” the result of Mr. Casey’s work. We were thrilled to find that we picked a day when the TIV and Sean Casey were there.

Ethan sat in all the seats, climbed all over the machine, and was pretty disappointed when it was time to go – which of course is the hallmark of any kid’s good time.

TIVIn the pilot's seatSeated in the throne40 inches into the ground - except maybe in the Ozarks