Easter Weekend, 2011.

It was a busy one.

We began with an egg ‘hunt’ at the library. I don’t find it much of a hunt when the eggs are scattered across the grass, but whatever. Ethan was the only kid who followed directions.

Wait, did you read that?

He was the only kid who FOLLOWED DIRECTIONS.

Hunting - but not really - Copyproudface - Copy

That evening, the kids scrambled around to get the eggs dyed before we left the next day…


Since Easter isn’t a religious holiday for us, we made camping reservations way back when for Trail of Tears State Park with our friends Paul, Cynthia, and Madison.

Greg took Friday off and away we went – which was a good thing, because St. Louis got hammered by horrible weather and tornadoes.

We stopped in Jackson for lunch at Wib’s (delicious, but I’m going with a hot brown combo next time for sure), and then of course I couldn’t stand to drive by an ice cream stand without stopping for ice cream. It’s kind of a thing of ours, to get ice cream on these family trips.

wibsice cream

laurel's ice cream faceethan's ice cream face

As usual, Ethan spent his camping time with this:

logging miles

And Laurel spent her camping time squirreled away inside campers playing Nintendo.

(slow burn)

It wouldn’t be a Boneblog vacation without rain, and naturally we were pummeled with it from Friday night through Saturday afternoon, when the park staff told us we had to evacuate thanks to the river (the Mississippi) coming up over the low water bridge just outside the campground.

So we did, and ended up at Hawn State Park, where it continued raining the entire time until we were ready to leave, when it cleared up.

Then it rained on us all the way home.

Good times, right?

Well, turns out we did have a good time because we had good company, good food, and logged another weekend of rainy camping which always seems to bode well for good weather on our big summer vacation.

(fingers crossed)