Has Spring Sprung, or Do We Need to Light a Fire Beneath Her?

The last couple of weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind. Of course, if you have kids in school, you know this is the time of year when everything ratchets up to about 110 miles per hour. If you don’t have kids in school but you garden or whatever, same goes for you. I keep telling myself to be better about updating this blog, but I guess I’m just lazy. Still, I keep trying to ‘turn my life around,’ so here’s an update.

1. Laurel was accepted into the Joseph Baldwin Academy, a 3-week residential program for academically gifted students. She qualified based on her ACT scores, teacher recommendations, transcripts, essay, etc. She also was accepted into the Duke TIP talent search and will qualify, I believe, for the National Grand Recognition Ceremony. It’s in North Carolina and she has a tentative trip to Six Flags that day. I’m taking bets on where we go.

2. I’m growing figs!

3. Greg finally got to scratch his ‘I-wanna-tow-the-trailer-with-the-new-truck’ itch last weekend when we journeyed down to Hawn State Park, got a primo camp site, and stayed overnight. I was coming off a nasty cold and Ethan was beginning one, so he and I were probably not in the best mood. But we hiked along Pickle Creek and the kids had a good time. Greg had fun too, because as a car rolled by our campsite with its windows down, we heard someone inside say, ‘That truck is badass.

Those tricky park maintenance folks tried to send us down an uncertain path, but we prevailed…

trail marker

…and the kids got to play in the creek. Laurel said she wished she had her swimsuit. We reminded her it was about 45 degrees. Ah, well, I remember playing in the creek next to our home growing up when it was about that and the cold didn’t bother me a bit. Kids.

On the banks of Pickle Creek

Still at Pickle Creek

Of course, on the way back we had a ton o’ fun when we were pulled over by Ye Olde Highway Patrol because we had expired tags on our trailer. I knew I had renewed them back in December but it was during Hell Week – you know, the one between Christmas and New Year’s, and I remember the weather was nasty that day so I set the tabs down…somewhere…and I guess we forgot to put them on. Of course now we can’t find them. So we get to buy replacements. WHEE. At least the Trooper was able to confirm we were registered until 2013 and he let us go.

4. It SNOWED ON MONDAY. Yeah, nobody knew it was going to do that – not even the weather folks. ‘Cause you know if they knew they’d have us all in a panic about it. We got about 3 inches of snow with 70 degrees forecasted for three days later (that’s today, and right now it’s actually 75). Laurel took a photo of the snow on Tuesday as it was melting away.

snow, snow go away

5. Ethan and I planted several things in the garden yesterday, including 84 onions, 27 potatoes, about 40 peas, and countless numbers of carrot and lettuce seeds. So we’ll see what happens.

6. Today, as I mentioned, it’s 75 degrees and our pullets took a field trip outside. Only one had to be rescued from the makeshift fence, so I consider that a successful outing. They got to eat some crickets and enjoy the sun for a half-hour or so, so they’re probably food-and-sun-drunk now back in their bin downstairs.

chicken field trip

7. Ethan is registered for Kindergarten, as of today. I even managed to take all the documents I needed with me to have him registered. How much do I rock? I’m okay with all this right now but I’m sure the day I drop him off for his first day of school I will bawl all the way home and then worry about him all day. That’s what I did with Laurel – only with her I bawled all the way to work. And then worried about her all day. Good times.

And that’s the news.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. I’m going to go bake some soda bread. The real stuff, not the spotted dog.