Your Ticket Pays for the Whole Seat But You’ll Only Need the Edge!

Okay, so the monster trucks were in town last weekend – except Bigfoot, which hello, is sacrilege, ‘cause St. Louis is the home of Bigfoot. But whatever, I wasn’t in charge, don’t blame me.

Not that I would have gone to see Bigfoot. I had my fill and more of truck and tractor pulls as a kid. I hate the noise, I hate the fumes, I hate the crowds, I just hate it.

But I almost wish I’d gone just to watch Ethan’s face light up.

Greg, Laurel, Ethan, and PawPaw went and rode the train downtown in order to partake in the privilege of sitting in the nosebleeds and watching this:

Lucky ducks.

Jefferson County represent!

Anyway, I think everyone had a good time. The kids were sent with ear protection. I know Ethan wore his, we have photographic evidence. I’m not sure about Laurel, but I hear she wore them. Good. The last thing I need is a couple of kids coming home with tinnitus.

More photos:

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