One Chicky, Two Chicky, Three Chicky, Four.

Well, it’s pretty much been common knowledge that I’ve wanted to start some laying hens. Last week we really started working toward that goal by building a chicken tractor in our basement. Photos of that later.

This week the heavens opened up and the angels sang hosannas, because after calling Rural King, Buchheit, and several Orscheln stores, Ethan and I made the pilgrimage to DeSoto to collect 3 ‘Ameraucanas’ – though I doubt they’re really Ameraucanas and are more likely Easter Eggers, but we’ll see. Then today the kids and I made a second pilgrimage (again to DeSoto) to have our pick of Rhode Island Reds and Production Reds. I got 2 of each. Rather than chalk it up to being indecisive, I’ll say it’s because I want to see if Productions really out-produce the RIRs or if there’s no difference at all.

But who cares about that?

This is what you really came to see, right?

L-R rhode island red, 3 ameraucanas

RI & Production Reds in the front, easter eggers in the back

The girls (geez, I hope they’re really all girls) don’t much care for the camera flash, but I had to do it. I hope they understand.

mooned by chicks

So in case you didn’t care to keep track, we’ve got seven in all: 2 Rhode Island Reds, 2 Production Reds, and 3 Ameraucanas/EasterEggers. And now Greg and his friend from work are scheming up a way for us to have a chick webcam. Here’s hoping!