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One Chicky, Two Chicky, Three Chicky, Four.

Well, it’s pretty much been common knowledge that I’ve wanted to start some laying hens. Last week we really started working toward that goal by building a chicken tractor in our basement. Photos of that later.

This week the heavens opened up and the angels sang hosannas, because after calling Rural King, Buchheit, and several Orscheln stores, Ethan and I made the pilgrimage to DeSoto to collect 3 ‘Ameraucanas’ – though I doubt they’re really Ameraucanas and are more likely Easter Eggers, but we’ll see. Then today the kids and I made a second pilgrimage (again to DeSoto) to have our pick of Rhode Island Reds and Production Reds. I got 2 of each. Rather than chalk it up to being indecisive, I’ll say it’s because I want to see if Productions really out-produce the RIRs or if there’s no difference at all.

But who cares about that?

This is what you really came to see, right?

L-R rhode island red, 3 ameraucanas

RI & Production Reds in the front, easter eggers in the back

The girls (geez, I hope they’re really all girls) don’t much care for the camera flash, but I had to do it. I hope they understand.

mooned by chicks

So in case you didn’t care to keep track, we’ve got seven in all: 2 Rhode Island Reds, 2 Production Reds, and 3 Ameraucanas/EasterEggers. And now Greg and his friend from work are scheming up a way for us to have a chick webcam. Here’s hoping!

Your Ticket Pays for the Whole Seat But You’ll Only Need the Edge!

Okay, so the monster trucks were in town last weekend – except Bigfoot, which hello, is sacrilege, ‘cause St. Louis is the home of Bigfoot. But whatever, I wasn’t in charge, don’t blame me.

Not that I would have gone to see Bigfoot. I had my fill and more of truck and tractor pulls as a kid. I hate the noise, I hate the fumes, I hate the crowds, I just hate it.

But I almost wish I’d gone just to watch Ethan’s face light up.

Greg, Laurel, Ethan, and PawPaw went and rode the train downtown in order to partake in the privilege of sitting in the nosebleeds and watching this:

Lucky ducks.

Jefferson County represent!

Anyway, I think everyone had a good time. The kids were sent with ear protection. I know Ethan wore his, we have photographic evidence. I’m not sure about Laurel, but I hear she wore them. Good. The last thing I need is a couple of kids coming home with tinnitus.

More photos:

waitingdemoderbytrucks1ear protectioncrashpulling back over

74 Degrees or So.

Yesterday, on February 17, it got to about 74 degrees in St. Louis.

There was nothing for it but to go to the zoo and Turtle Park.

Most of the animals were out, though the giraffes and a few of their brethren were in the antelope house.

Clowning with the giraffes

And Ethan had to had to HAD TO climb on the big bug outside the insectarium even though I was so hungry it was taxing me to walk:

Hanging with the giant beetle

And I was having too much fun to take any photos other than those, really. Oops.

After a full morning and a surprisingly tasty and affordable zoo lunch we crossed over Hwy 40 to Turtle Park, and after driving that big fat diesel up and down and all around Dogtown looking for good parking which would a) accommodate the size of the truck and b) not involve dodging too much traffic, we finally settled on a little spot on Tamm and ran over to the park.

Atop the snapper

Ethan took my photo


Ethan thoroughly freaked out a nice, albeit wasted hoosier crossing 40 with her open container on the pedestrian walkway by doing this:

Big snake

He wobbled a little and her drunk self tried to rush forward to catch him as I stood there taking photos. I laughed and told her, “Don’t worry, he does that all the time, I’m so used to his antics they don’t faze me at all.”

And that’s true – in situations where most parents would be rushing forward to prevent a fall, I hang back and just watch. In fact, when he was running down the back of one of the turtles and I knew he was going to fall, I just watched him land hard and scrape his knees, then calmly remarked, “Well, see, that’s what happens. Guess you won’t be doing that again, huh?” I don’t know if that makes me a bad mom or one who is willing to let her kids take their falls and lumps and learn. Either way, so be it.

Anyway, the hoosier and I had a good laugh about it, she playfully called him a ‘little shit’ for scaring people like that, I agreed, and Ethan turned around and walked all the way back down the snake.

And for those of you who don’t know how long the snake is, here you go:

long view of the snake

You know that feeling when there’s still a little chill in the wind but the sun warms you just the same? Yeah, that was yesterday. It was perfect. Here’s to a hurried spring.

Here She (He?) Is!

Well, we finally got our new truck.


It’s black, but looks blue in the photos.


It was too cold for me to stay out long taking photos, so this is all you get.

I haven’t even driven it yet.

Greg is like a kid in a candy store.

That is all.