Decorations on Ev’ry Christmas Tree.

Last night after supper we put Christmas music on and decorated the tree.


You won’t see this tree pictured in Better Homes and Gardens. It looks funny because the branches at the bottom are weak and won’t really support lights. That’s what a live Christmas tree gives you – CHARACTER. We can’t find the tree skirt. Maybe I threw it away last year intending to purchase another this year, or maybe it’s squirreled away in an unmarked bin downstairs.


I used to think someday I’d want one of those fancy trees with the matching decorations and color-coordinated ribbons and all that stuff you see out and about in the displays this time of year.


But now I realize there is no way I would ever let go of these unique, often handmade-by-children ornaments we’ve collected over the past few years. Each one has a story. I’ll probably be hanging the same decorations long after the kids are grown and gone even if it means the tree becomes so heavy it lists to the side and needs guy-wires. Seeing them again each year is like visiting old friends.


Welcome back, old friends.

5 thoughts on “Decorations on Ev’ry Christmas Tree.

  1. Debra

    I like your tree! I have never been one for themed trees. I think it takes something away from the idea of a Christmas tree. I have ornaments that I’ve had for over 30 years and they go on the tree every year. My favs are a small raisin box with a little brown teddy bear sticking out the top, one that a guy I used to work with in Florida handmade himself, he died the year after I got it but Ron Rosenfeld is on my tree every year. As well as the clothes pin reindeer my dear friend Terry Coil made who died from AIDS complications over 15 years ago. Then there are the newer ones…the black Lab to honor my Shadow that we put down in July this year. And all the little trains, snowmen, Tinkerbells, and assorted balls that I’ve acquired through the years. And you’re right, Michelle…they ARE like old friends who come out to see me every year and remind me that I love Christmas and that’s something NO ONE can take away from me. Lastly, my ornament of a little girl with long, dark curly hair who has my sweet baby Lydia’s name on her skirt. Although I was never able to celebrate a Christmas with her in this life, she’s been on my tree in a very place every year since 1996. Ah, Christmas, I love it.

  2. Mrs. Lasater

    Don’t mind Mr. Lasater. I too used to think that I’d want our tree to be all matchy matchy. Now ours is filled with ornaments made by Andy’s great-grandma, one from every trip we’ve taken, and as of last year, our first handcrafted creations from our Lydia (I’ll be thinking of your sweet Lydia, Debra). The drive to Meert becomes more eagerly anticipated each year and decorating it is a precious walk down memory lane. I am SO with you on this one!!

  3. Michelle

    Aw, Debra, that’s so sweet. I love when you comment, and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas – you deserve it, you’ve dealt with so much.

    To the Lasaters – first of all, I always felt really sorry for that sad little tree in Charlie Brown Christmas. I felt bad for all the sorry-looking trees. Becky, it gets even better!

  4. Debra

    Thanks, Becky and Michelle! I meant to say that Lydia’s ornament is in a very SPECIAL place on the tree each year, but alas, I was blogging from work and thinking faster than I was typing.

    Oddly, I used to always feel bad for that lil’ tree in A Charlie Brown Christmas. I remember personifying that tree to the point that I kept expecting it to talk! LOL. Kids.

    Merry Christmas to all!

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