Noviembre, Noviembre!

It’s been so long since I’ve posted anything here that the program I use to post dropped out of my frequently-used list on my Start menu.

Remember us?

It’s been a busy November. Laurel’s prepping for a December ACT test; Ethan’s learning songs about November in Spanish class (hence the title of this post); Greg and I have been working on a super-secret clandestine project that will eventually go up on a super-secret clandestine blog; and now, on the last day of November, here I am. Posting!

Last weekend was Thanksgiving. We had a great time, hosting family and bowling. Yes, bowling! We haven’t bowled in a long time but there are few better places to be after a big Thanksgiving dinner than a bowling alley. Nobody else is there fouling up your good time with their hoosier antics, see. Well, that’s not entirely true. There WAS this guy in the next lane who I’m sure was trying to be friendly and funny with his remarks, but…

Then after a too-short visit from my friend James and a day more-or-less committed to Christmas lights, we went to Meert for our tree. I don’t link to sites often on this blog, but I dearly love Meert. It feels like actually going to a TREE FARM, the prices are better than The Farm Across the River that Shall Not Be Named Even Though We Pick Delicious Fruit There, and it’s just an all-around better experience for Christmas trees as far as I’m concerned.

O Christmas Tree


Ethan cutting

For a number of reasons, we’ve been subjecting Laurel to manual labor of late. This day was no exception. After Ethan tried his hand at cutting the tree with Greg, we turned the saw over to Laurel.

She cut:

Laurel cutting

And cut:

Still cutting

And cut:

And cutting...

And cut:

And yeah, still cutting.

Until we all ran out of patience and Greg finished the job.

(In her defense, it’s not easy to cut a tree down when you don’t have a lot of strength or, frankly, skill for it. I’ve been known to cut just far enough to allow me to kick a tree down, after all. I’m far more skilled at kicking than cutting.)

And then after all was said and done, we retired to the barn for our almost-annual cup of hot chocolate.

Hot chocolate time

Did you see that? They’re actually TOUCHING without HITTING.

Our very own Christmas Miracle.