Happy Halloween! (etc.)

The other day I realized it was going to freeze and rushed out to the garden to get all the green tomatoes in as well as whatever other produce I could save.

I ended up with fifty-five (55!) pounds (lbs!) of green tomatoes. They looked something like this:

green tomatoes 1

And this:

green tomatoes 2

And so I spent much of last week cooking, canning, pickling, and freezing relishes and salsas and green tomato cupcakes. Oh, my. I probably still have at least 20 pounds of green tomatoes left.

Halloween jumped out at us suddenly this year. We were less prepared and less enthusiastic than other years, but we tried to make the best of it.

We dressed as Zombie Sarah Palin, Photo-Enforced Stoplight, and Zombie Girl.

Halloween Costumes

For a more Sarah-esque photo, see here:


Greg, not pictured, dressed as Killjoy Who Doesn’t Dress Up Unless His Wife Nags Incessantly.

Trick-or-Treating was a bust for me because Ethan promptly fell and suffered a wardrobe malfunction. His yellow light had come unfastened and was hanging by a wire. He lost his enthusiasm for candy and we went to sit in the truck while Laurel, Greg, and our friends ransacked the neighborhood.

Laurel tells me this will be her last year of trick-or-treating. Time marches on, I suppose.