How to Enjoy St. Louis on Fifteen Bucks*

1. Purchase a $15 Groupon good for two tickets on a one-hour riverboat tour.

2. Park a little too close to the Mississippi River for Ethan’s comfort.

Ethan was pretty nervous about parking this close to the river near the water

3. Eat a picnic lunch while waiting for boarding.


4. Snicker to yourself when Ethan flatly refuses to pose on command for the ship photographer.

5. Take lots of bridge and bridge-related photos because the writing-intensive course you chose in college was Art History and Architecture and you surprised yourself by really enjoying it.

Eads King Bridge, Eads Bridge, Poplar Street Bridge MacArthur Bridge Piers for the new river bridge

6. Admire the old electric company and its history (built in 1902 solely to provide electricity to the 1904 World’s Fair, now produces all the steam for the downtown buildings).

Built 1902

7. Take the obligatory photo of the Arch.


8. Enjoy a snack on the Arch steps.


9. Wordlessly challenge seasoned athletes to a run up the stairs, Rocky style.

Rocky 1 Rocky 2

10. Frolic in the shadow of the Arch.



11. And most importantly, say yes when the nice lady offers to take a photo of you and your son, because – as she said – it “means a lot later.”




*plus fuel. If you drive a big honkin’ gas-guzzler like we d
o, this becomes significant.

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  1. Cynthia Schon

    Looks like a wonderful time was had by both! Love the bridge pictures; Eads is really an amazing structure and was considered a major marvel in its day.

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