Dear Ethan,

Happy 5th birthday, buddy.

We all love you very much.

Even though you’re like this much of the time:

 Ethan's Grinch Face  

and you pull this kind of crap every single day:

Badness Hmmm. Now whathaircut2

and your feet look like this.

dirty footed kids 

Yes, it’s true, we still love you because all that is outweighed by this:

Sleeping until 9

and this:

Ethan trying to read Ethan costume

and this:

playing games watching the storm roll in

and even this:

I guess he's throwin' gang signs

And this whole ruining-the-cookie-cake-by-licking-the-icing-off-before-your-party thing was NOT FUNNY when you did it, and in fact sent your mother into a tearful tailspin, complete with a “whyyyyy do my children always shit on me?!” lament.

But it’s funnier now:

What badness does

Never could I have imagined that someone your age would have such a sophisticated sense of humor and possess the kind of charm some older boys have that allows them to get by with pure orneriness. When people used to tell me boys and girls were nothing alike, I didn’t believe them. Now I know better.

You exasperate your caregivers – especially me – and I’m so tired at the end of the day just from keeping up with you.

And I couldn’t love you more.

I’m pretty sure I speak for Daddy and Laurel, too.


2 thoughts on “Five!

  1. Debra

    Happy Birthday, Ethan. Though you don’t remember me, I fondly remember Mom bringing you into the office and setting you behind my desk in your carrier. You were SUCH a cute baby and you’re turning into a handsome lil’ boy. Take it easy on Mommy….she needs her sanity. (((Hugs)))

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