A Common Scene from My Everyday Life.

(at the fabric-cutting counter)

“Mom, mom, can I ring the bell?”

“Yes, you may. But ONLY ONCE.”


“Mom, can I ring it again? Huh? Can I? Please?”



“Because it’s rude to ring the bell repeatedly, and see, the lady is on her way over here.”

Fabric Lady:  “Ma’am, may I help you?”

“Yes, I need…let’s see…4 1/8 yards of this…”


“…and 3/8 yard of this.”


“Ethan, don’t do that anymore.”

[ding! dingdingding!]

“Ethan! I said STOP IT. Why do you keep doing that after I tell you to quit?!”

“Sorry, Mom. That’s just the way I am. heh.”