The Great East Coast Adventure, Day Sixteen, the Last.

ARNOLD, MO – The family awoke in Kentucky at 6 a.m. raring to go. Remember, they had packed up everything possible the night before.

After hitching up, our travelers made a brief visit to the dump station.

“Hehehe,” Michelle snickered. “’Brief?’ Hey reporter, Greg’s giving you the stink-eye!”

It’s true, he was, for as it was Greg’s solemn vow to handle the dumping of the black tanks, it was Greg who had the pleasure of dealing with the clog. Yes, the clog.

“Yeah, so uh, after he wrassled around with the sewage hose and all for about 40 minutes, we actually left the campground at 7:30,” said Michelle.

Nevertheless, the family made it home before lunch. Sort of.

Michelle reports, “I was running out of snacks for Ethan. Let’s just leave it at that,”

Once home, after wearily dragging themselves inside, Greg looked out back and said, “Uh, Michelle, have you seen your garden?”

Now, mind you, Michelle has been worried about the fate of her garden during her absence.

“Yeah,” Greg said, “I think she’s mentioned that to me every single day of the trip. No, really. Every single day.”

“We put a LOT of work into that garden this year,” Michelle protested, “so in my defense, I think my concern was justified. Besides, I’m convinced our neighbor has been planting Johnson grass in there during previous vacations. Aside from that, between the work for the raised beds, the detailed garden journal, the extra care to plan everything out…if I lost that garden, why, it’d spell disaster for me. Failure. So when Greg asked if I’d seen the garden, I didn’t know if it was good or bad.”

So, panic-stricken, she looked.

And, after a little cleaning up, supporting of the tomatoes, collecting the ripened tomatoes, etc., here is what Michelle saw:


“We are all grateful for that, I assure you,” observed Greg. “If she had seen what she’s seen in previous years, we’d have all had hell to pay.”

And now, a note:

Thanks to everyone who looked after our place for us while we were gone. It’s so nice to come home to a place that doesn’t require a ridiculous amount of work just to make it habitable again.

Total trip mileage: 3,035.0
MPG: 12.92