Oh, and By The Way, We Really Did Celebrate Independence Day.

No, really. We did. What, just because I didn’t WRITE something about it all of a sudden we’re not patriots?

This year we were actually more patriotic than most…depending on the definition. We actually attended the VP Parade on July 3rd. See? Here’s proof! In no particular order except that which is stored in my machine’s folders…and you know the drill: Scroll over for the caption.

And so it begins Army band from Springfield MO big snake Croc or gator, I don't know - I used to know the difference  Cap'n Hook with Peter Pan and....Uncle Sam Cowardly Lion Cowboy float Curious George float Doesn't Laurel look like she's having a great time Dragon Bigger dragonEthan watched this guy go alllll the way down the street He let Ethan pet his 'horse.' I don't know where they come up with this stuff Liberty Bell Little Mermaid Louie the Lightning Bug Meet Me in St. Louis float Mounted Prophets Not so different from Marshfield after all Of course Scarecrow and Tin Man So...which one is Kit Bond, the gal or the dog The 'Ecology Brigade' Uncle Sam Underdog! What a character Wizard of Id We picked this stuff out of our hair, clothes, shoes, and bags all day

Okay, that last one? Those were paper punches they were spraying. Seriously, I’m almost positive there are still paper punches in my purse. There may still be some in my hair. What is this, the 11th? Oh, no, I’ve washed since then.

So then the next day we had our usual Take-Full-Advantage-of-Blowing-Things-Up-Because-It’s-Jefferson-County-and-What-Other-Advantage-Have-We-Got festival.

 black snakes more smoke bombssmoke bombtrying to catch a parachutejoy in 4-year-old form  more my view seriously, more   And yes, we still have some left

Well. It really doesn’t get much better. Happy belated Independence Day, everyone.