The Great East Coast Adventure, Day Ten.

JAMESTOWN, VA – Day Ten dawned sunny and hot again.

“Yes. Hot. Again!” Michelle echoed.

Our Family awoke and scurried off to catch the ferry to Jamestown. They figured the earlier, the better.

“Could you maybe not say we ‘scurried?’” interjected Greg. “That sounds…I don’t know…like something I wouldn’t do.”

Ready to board the Jamestown Ferry

“Okay, so it was hot before getting on the ferry,” Greg said, “but then you got on the ferry and it was even hotter because of course you had to shut off your engines. Whee. And the heat index was expected to easily – EASILY – top 100.”

And so it did.

But the whole group had fun at Jamestown.

Jamestown armor More Jamestown armor

There's a hen in this photo - try to find her Trying his hand at the Native American version of darts Colonial Horseshoes

“Weak,” Michelle pronounced.

“What do you mean, ‘weak?’” Greg asked.

“Those photos. They’re weak. We couldn’t take photos in the Jamestown visitor center, which is where all the cool stuff is.”

“Anyway, we did have fun, it’s true, even though we maybe rushed it a little,” Michelle continued. “I got on the first replica ship and it was so friggin’ hot that as soon as we got off we just left. We figured we’d seen about all there was to see. It was interesting, VERY interesting, don’t get me wrong… it’s just that we were more interested in celebrating Father’s Day with Greg at a tavern in town.”

So after they left, they went and got all turned around trying to find the Green Leafe. But once they found it, they had a great meal.

“Yeah, they were out of steak and I REALLY wanted that steak salad with the blue cheese,” said Michelle, “but I ended up with a burger which was okay, and fries which are hard to ruin. Plus, the beer was cold and plentiful, the kids had fun with their meal, the server was on her game, and hi, it was air-conditioned. So you know, the burger started tasting even better. Hooray!”

After their return to camp, the Family rode their bikes to the park pool.

“Have we mentioned that every day, all day long, Ethan wears his helmet and announces he will be riding his bike? That he asks over and over if someone will go on a bike ride? That he doesn’t take no for an answer?” Michelle asked. “That kid, I swear…”

Greg reported, “We were at the pool for probably 20-30 minutes before a rumble of thunder forced everyone to evacuate the pool for 15 minutes. Because we know that where we go, so too goes thunder, we knew that was probably it for the night. So we went back to camp while the kids acted like it was The Most Disappointing Thing That Had Ever Occurred. Yeah. Best part of the day.”

But that night, something really magical happened.

Ethan caught his very first lightning bug.

Proud of his first lightning bug

He and Laurel promptly squirreled it away in a clamshell container along with several others so they could “sleep with them.”

“My reaction to that little venture would surprise nobody,” Michelle said.

And of course, thanks to his infatuation with these newfound bunkmates, it was a fight to get him to bed that night.

“We were going to have a LONG, long, longlonglong day the next day,” Michelle explained. “I’ve been around him long enough to know that not enough sleep plus a long day spells disaster all around, and I was sick of the bickering and the fighting and the brouhaha that goes along with being stuck in close quarters with not enough sleep and heat. So there.”

And with that, she marched into the camper and that was that for the day.