The Great East Coast Adventure, Day Six-Point-Five.



“What an asshole.”

“Why won’t he let me over? I can’t see because of the awning, or I’d just be aggressive and move on over.””

“Great. Now I’ve missed my exit!” [slams fist on steering wheel]

Those were the kinds of things Greg muttered repeatedly on the road as he tried to pull into / return to the right lane.

“What is wrong with people?! Why are they all assholes?”

Then the family stopped along the route for gas, and checked the right rear trailer blinker just to be sure.

And it was inoperable.

So despite their best efforts to the contrary, they were not signaling before moving into the right lane.

For up to approximately 1500 miles.

“Hahaha! Whoops. Guess we’re the ones who are the assholes,” Michelle laughed.

Guess so.

The Family would like me to apologize to everyone they have wronged on the road, and to assure all those drivers that the bulb has been changed and checked, and it shouldn’t happen again.

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  1. Michelle

    Anita…I knew you’d identify!

    Jaelithe…precisely. But if I don’t write it down, it will be lost. I try to write down all those things. Someday I’ll smile when I read back through them.

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