The Great East Coast Adventure, Day One.

TOWNSEND, TN – Again we will be following our Family through their summer vacation. This reporter fears there is not much to report so far. Our Family left at 5:45 a.m. CDT and finally made it to Townsend, TN at 4:30 EDT.

However, this reporter is of the opinion our Family will not be graced with WiFi the next couple of days, and so I figured I’d better toss something up.

“Hey, guess what? IT RAINED,” Michelle noted. “Thankfully it was only on the drive…we’re at the campground now and it’s dry. Muggy, yes, but otherwise dry. This is especially good because we left the emergency TV we intended to bring at home.”

A TV? For camping? This reporter asked.

“Yes, a TV, DUH.” she snapped. “Have you ever been stuck in a camper with two (2!) unruly children in a rainstorm? No? Well, I have – on multiple occasions – and my mission on Earth is to tell you a TV is not a luxury, it is a necessity.”

It is reported that the kids were good, the Family made it without incident, and they are glad to have the first (and longest, at around 9 hours) day of driving under their belts.

The kids were, in fact, excellent. Ethan woke up at 5 a.m., popped out of his room, and danced around, “It’s time for vacation?” Michelle remarked, “It’s one of the few days I want to see Ethan at 5 a.m.” Both kids were chatterboxes for the first 20 minutes or so until they were zombified by the DVD and Nintendo DS in the truck. “Best damn investment we ever made,” Greg remarked.

While sitting in camp relaxing after a long day of driving, the Baptists stopped by to invite our Family to their evening devotional. They promised a wild party. This reporter suspects the Family won’t be attending, but our more religious readers will be happy to know the Family was very nice to the ladies who came by. Even though they were Baptists.

“You know,” Michelle remarked, “We’ve been approached numerous times at campgrounds by people inviting us to church. Do they believe the campers are more sinful than the general populace? Or do we just have that immoral look about us?”

So that brings Day One to a close.

P.S. – Michelle would like this reporter to note that our Family plans to spend a lot of time in the Carolinas and Virginia this trip. She asked me to refer to this as the “Great Virgina Adventure,” (with Virgina rhyming with ‘vagina,’ naturally) but Greg put the kibosh on it. Michelle’s response? “Killjoy.”

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  1. Greg

    Only a matter of days now before a google search for ethan, laurel, vagina has us a the number one page, nice.

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