The Great East Coast Adventure, Day Eight.

CAPE HATTERAS, N.C. – So Michelle (hereinafter known as “The Crazy One”) got up this  morning at 5:15 in order to make it over to the ocean for the 5:46 sunrise.

“Yeah, and I did, too,” she pointed out, “but then I had to run ALL the way back to the camper because I had forgotten the memory card for my camera. GEEZ.”

So did she make it?

Yes, she did.

Sunrise over the Atlantic 1Sunrise over the Atlantic 2

She has video, too!

“Don’t tell them that,” she said. “I don’t want to deal with editing it so it looks nice right now, and I am not going to throw raw video up there.”

Sorry, folks.

So once that was done and she returned to the camper, and after Laurel finished her pouting about not being invited along on Michelle’s solo trip…

“I was NOT POUTING,” Laurel insisted.

“Yes she was,” Greg whispered…

our Family decided it was time for breakfast. So they went to this little spot way down in Buxton called the Orange Blossom Cafe, where they are known for their Apple Uglies.

Orange Blossom Bakery

“An Apple Ugly is an apple fritter on steroids,” Greg noted.

“Yes,” interjected Michelle, “and I was SO PROUD of this girl in the restaurant. Some lady was getting all impatient because she was having to wait FIFTEEN WHOLE MINUTES for her order when there were FOUR orders in front of her – I know, the very NERVE, right? – and the girl working the counter looked her square in the eye and said, ‘Sorry, there are 4 orders ahead of you. This isn’t McDonald’s.’

“YES! Now that is a girl after my own heart,” Michelle continued.

The fact is, the Family was waiting too, because the Apple Uglies sell very quickly, and they were waiting on a fresh batch from the fryer. Once it arrived, they took it over to the lighthouse area to picnic. So was it worth the wait?

“Ohhhhhhh, yes,” Greg said. “It was warm and gooey and just a little greasy and HUGE, and…”

“And I ate my ENTIRE UGLY,” Laurel boasted…which is more than Michelle could claim. “Ethan finished mine off,” she reported.

Apple Ugly

That photo doesn’t really do it justice. Suffice it to say that thing is at least 6 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches tall. Ethan, by the way, had a double-dipped donut. For the uninitiated, that’s a donut dipped in both glaze AND in chocolate. Wow.


Dirty face

Needless to say, our travelers skipped lunch.

Next they climbed the 248 (!) steps of the Cape Hatteras lighthouse.

“Okay, that’s actually 257 when you add in the steps at the front,” Michelle observed. “But get this – NOBODY BITCHED ABOUT IT, can you believe it?”

However, she later reported that the Ugly was sitting awfully heavy in her stomach. I think we all know the feeling.

Cape Hatteras LighthouseView from the lighthouse with the museum (left) and keeper's house (right)Where the lighthouse used to beHe loved the lighthouseHeaded back downFamily at Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Back at camp, Michelle faded out quickly, which was largely due to the combination of her early morning and the Ugly, so Greg took the kids to the beach, where Laurel promptly got stung at least twice more by jellyfish.

“I joined them about an hour after they’d left,” Michelle said. “By that time she’d already been stung once, and it kept happening. Meanwhile, I kept a sharp eye out for those diabolical creatures and moved away from them whenever they were washed up. Still, the lure of the ocean kept bringing me further into the water to jump the waves. And let’s face it…how many times will I see the ocean in the next year? Probably zero.”

After thoroughly wearing the kids out at the ocean (“Well, not really, we kinda made them leave, but Ethan nearly fell asleep later in the truck,” Michelle said), they returned to the camper to ponder over supper. It occurred to our Family that here they were on Cape Hatteras and they had not yet done a seafood dinner. So off they went to Risky Business, a local seafood shop, to see what today’s catch was. They picked up mako shark, wahoo, shrimp, and blue crabs along with all the fixings, then excitedly returned to camp where they cooked it all up.

“Yeah, so then the flies showed up,” Greg lamented. “I had to put a plate of shells and corn cobs out to lure them away from the real food. Good thing they’re not very picky.”

As it turns out, Michelle was so busy eating she didn’t take any photos.

“I kinda remembered that halfway through the shrimp,” she said, “but sorry, I was competing with everyone else for that delicious food. You’ve all seen shrimp before, right? I mean granted, this was fresh-from-the-boat-today shrimp, but…”

And then she went back to her dinner. Meanwhile, the kids finished and went down the road to the camp playground.

“Haven’t seen them in awhile,” Greg observed, “but we’re on an island so they can’t go far.”

They may go out and find some ice cream tonight, but tomorrow our Family pulls up their stakes (‘you mean stabilizer jacks,” corrected Greg) and moves along to Virginia, where they will stay for three nights, touring Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown, and whatever else strikes them at the time. For the second year in a row, they will celebrate Father’s Day while on vacation. Meanwhile, they will retain fond, very fond memories of their time on Cape Hatteras, where both adults have indicated they’d willingly return.

So stay tuned, dear readers. But be forewarned that as our Family moves further from civilization, it will likely be without internet access the remainder of the trip.

“Unless we get lucky and some fool has left theirs unsecured,” Greg said.

“Yeah, or Greg decides to violate the Terms of Service on our phones and tether them so I have internet – even then it’d probably be such a pain that I’d bellyache about it, slam the laptop, and go storming off, seeing as how I’ve been utterly and completely spoiled by his ability to circumvent security measures put into place by others,” Michelle added.

So noted. Lock down your connections, readers, and be thankful Greg uses his vast abilities for good rather than evil.

G’night, Hatteras. Thanks for the memories.

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    I am loving hearing about you guys’ travels. I hope when we have kids we’re still roadtripping like you guys.

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