Back in the winter, Laurel started a science project.

It was very interesting – she wanted to test reused, recycled, or environmentally-friendly materials to see which, if any, could compete with fiberglass wool insulation.

The materials she chose to test were crushed styrofoam packing peanuts, used plastic grocery bags, and…


…wait for it…


…human hair.

So I gamely asked my stylist if she would be so kind as to collect a giant garbage bag of hair from her clients and others over the course of the next week or two.

She did, and shortly before Christmas we came home with a big plastic bag full of hair.

So she got her experiment all together and predicted that human hair would outperform the other materials. Greg and I were dubious.

But she was right. Human hair is a significantly better insulator than fiberglass. Go figure, nature trumped engineering. As usual.

So because she was right, her project went along to the Greater St. Louis Science Fair.

And she won a blue ribbon.

Last night we went to the awards ceremony.

blue ribbon

And I wasn’t wearing makeup, as you see. In my defense, I got ready in about 15 minutes, because that’s about all the time I had after getting home and taking care of what I had to do. But we had reservations, so I sacrificed my hair and makeup to take Laurel out to a Lebanese restaurant. So deal with it, yo.


But here’s the REALLY cool part. She also won a special award from the Air and Waste Management Association. They gave her a certificate and $30 in Barnes and Noble gift cards. It’s almost like they knew her personally.

So out of all these:


…and all these:


Laurel won one of the special awards.

We’re proud of her of course, but more importantly, she should be proud of herself. So be proud of yourself, Laurel. Let this be proof positive that when you apply yourself and you don’t procrastinate (insert ‘the look’ here), you can do great things!