Hello, Gorgeous.

Hello, Gorgeous.


You’ve got a nice behind.


Aw, I love it when you open your awning like that.

with awning

I love your warm glow, your avocado green faux suede settee.

toward the back 

I love your refrigerator and freezer, your microwave, your stove, your multitudinous cabinets.

 toward the front

I can tell you’re going to make trouble. My children will fight over you. You will take most of the nature out of camping.

bunk beds

But wait – no more sore backs?

master bedroom

No more chilly late-night runs to the pit latrine?


I believe I could get used to you.



As an aside, I backed the trailer into the driveway right there. Me! I told Ethan he should be awfully proud to have a mother who can back a trailer. Can’t you hear the playground taunts?

“My mother is prettier than your mother!”

“Oh, yeah?! Well, my mother can BACK A TRAILER, FOOL!”

“Aw, geez. Okay. You win. That’s the coolest. You can have my lunch.”

3 thoughts on “Hello, Gorgeous.

  1. Cynthia Schon

    Love it! Love it! Love it!

    I’ve always been a tent camper and felt that my experience was far more "natural" than those folks in campers. But I had to admit when we rented an RV a couple of years ago that it was absolutely fabulous to be dry even when it was raining, to have the beds ready instantly, to be able to cook without waiting for the fire to be built, etc. Not to mention the sore back!

  2. Debra

    Sweet new (portable) crib!! You guys are truly livin’ the life. I know you’ll have tons of fun and I can hardly wait for the stories!! Happy Spring/Summer 2010!!

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