And Now, For Our Next Trick…

We received a delivery today.

I suppose he was trying to be helpful

Special Delivery

We’re all very excited.

I really thought he was going to pee his pants with excitement

And one of us has learned how to stand when talking to the fellas.

Practicing the 'Good ol' boy standing around shooting the shit' stance

After limping along for a few years with an in-ground garden – in part because we didn’t want to spend the money if we weren’t going to be here long term, we’re building raised beds. BIG raised beds with FANCY soil. Now that’s commitment.

This is going to be a crazy weekend.

2 thoughts on “And Now, For Our Next Trick…

  1. Cynthia Schon

    What, you don’t love gardening in St. Louis clay? Where are your spirit of adventure and enthusiasm for back-breaking exercise that will be wasted because your plants will never fully root and/or drown? You’re taking all of the fun and challenge out of it… 😉

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