The Benefits Outweigh the Challenges.

Ethan tosses the cat in the Christmas tree.

Ethan jangles my nerves playing with noisy toys throughout the house.

Ethan repeatedly rides his trike across the vacuum cord despite my repeated warnings against doing so.

Ethan says, “I don’t care if you do” when I threaten to take something away because of bad behavior.

Ethan laughs maliciously at others’ misfortunes.

Ethan makes me run after him when he hurts himself because he’s running from the embarrassment.

Ethan whines that he’s hungry 10 minutes after a hearty breakfast.

Ethan interrupts. And interrupts.

Ethan ignores instructions. All of them. At least the first time.

Ethan causes so much damage to the walls of his room that makers of spackling paste are indebted to us.

Ethan refuses to cooperate with his swim teachers.

Ethan refuses to cooperate with his preschool teachers.

Ethan refuses to cooperate, period.


Ethan looks at me earnestly as I’m glancing over my shoulder backing the car and says, “Your eyes are beautiful, Mommy.”

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