The Snow Days Cometh.

Now this post falls under the category of “Don’t-Tell-Grandma-Smith.” In fact, I really SHOULD make that a category for this blog.

Anyway, here we are, day 2 of the snow days allotted to us thus far in this academic year. Yesterday, when it was colder than it’s been in 10 years, I bundled the kids up like Randy from “A Christmas Story”…


… and sent them outside.

Snow Day

They went out twice, and I only let them stay about 20 minutes at a time. Even so, they came in with rosy red cheeks a la Raggedy Ann & Andy and we all had hot chocolate. With marshmallows, natch.

And yes, the windchill was sub-zero, but how could anyone deny kids their first snow of the year?

Then today, Ethan assembled a Lightning McQueen puzzle while Laurel worked on her science fair project. This is good because it meant a) Ethan wasn’t banging on Laurel’s door pleading with her to let him in, b) Ethan wasn’t tormenting the animals, and c) Laurel was doing something productive.

After his puzzle, Ethan resumed work on his LEGO Fire Boat from PawPaw. Ethan is a whiz kid when it comes to building. I mean it. He asks us for help but doesn’t really need it, so we don’t really give it. He reads the instruction booklet himself, finds the pieces himself, and puts it on the boat himself. The only time he might really need our help is when the pieces are so tiny his chubby little fingers have trouble snapping them into place.

Then I help him.

I mean, I’m not THAT heartless.

Here he is, referring to his user manual to ensure his pieces are placed correctly:

LEGO Fire Boat

This afternoon, in desperation, I took them to see “The Princess & the Frog.” Cute, and more importantly, it kept the kids happy for a couple of hours.

I’ve had a love-hate relationship with the past two days. I love that the kids are home, that we saw a movie, that we got to do some things together. But oh, oh, lawd, LAWD, the bickering.

And now, I just heard Ethan say, “Here’s Vinnie’s penis.” That’s my cue to conclude this post.

Here’s to many more days just like these.