One Party, Just Because, Coming Right Up.

Yesterday the kids had a snow day (2 in a row!) so you’ll recall that in order to preserve my sanity and blow the stink off, I took them to a movie.

As we were driving to the theater, Laurel looked at me and said, “We should give Daddy a party.”

“Um, okay, um, what’s the occasion?” I asked.

“Just because we appreciate that he works so hard so we can go to movies.”

And so that is what we did. We baked carrot cookies with cream cheese icing and Laurel made a card.

And yes, I took photos of the card rather than scanning it. I know it’s low-rent, but it was easier, okay? Get off my back!

Dell card



I’d like to point out, by the way, that Laurel copied the QWERTY keyboard precisely from her own keyboard on her machine.