New Year’s Eve & Beyond.

Here is one of those combo posts. I went through photos this morning and found several that needed to go up on the blog, but they didn’t have a particular theme. They’re just those whimsical snapshots taken due to camera convenience.

Here I am on New Year’s Eve, demonstrating Ethan’s Grinch Face. I’ve put a photo of the Master himself with mine for comparison. He makes this face every time he talks about or sings about the Grinch:

Demonstrating my Grinch Face Ethan's Grinch Face

I think I do a pretty good job at imitating him. Of course, I’ve had lots of practice, and Ethan has seen it quite a bit considering it is also my You-Kids-Better-Stop-That-Shit-Right-Now face and my If-I-Have-to-Tell-You-One-More-Time-to-Stop-Throwing-the-Cat-You-Will-be-Sorry face. So I’m not really certain who is imitating whom.

Have I mentioned I live with a lot of machines? Every USB port on my desk that could be taken IS taken, I believe, and we have several cords lying about, multiplying exponentially. So this is what I look like when I’m trying to find the right goddamned USB cable – and in this house, because of this tangle of cables, they are always referred to as ‘goddamned USB cables’:

Can't ever find the right USB cord

I am a known procrastinator – with some things. I have photos printed and then never get around to framing them until it becomes a Serious Friggin’ Emergency (in my mind at least) and I want it all done RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW TODAY, at which time I hassle Greg until he goes and finds what he needs to hang the pictures. This is no small task, mind you, because nobody in this house puts tools back where they belong. Of course, Ethan has to get in on the action anytime there is a hammer involved. He’s really quite good at this – never hit the wall once. The mashed fingernail on his left hand is from a slammed door:

Hammer in the morning

After locating the hammer, Greg had gone to the garage for something and I was in another room when Ethan said, ‘I am going to help and use this hammer!’ With fear in my heart I dropped what I was doing and ran toward the living room while envisioning the rest of my day – sorely afraid that ‘rest of my day’ was on the verge of translating to ‘patching of multiple holes in drywall.’ I have no words to describe my relief when I learned his hammer was the one in the photo – not the real one.


And now, just because it doesn’t fit anywhere else, this is Ethan determining how tall a giant is – or how tall he is, I’m not sure which at this particular moment, standing next to the tape measure to illustrate:

Trying to figure out how tall a giant is

And yes, for those who do not know our son, he really does have this quirk wear a hood indoors whenever he has a chance.